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Pearl Garden Hair Comb

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This delicate, detailed, and elegant hair accessory is the perfect addition to your wedding day look. This subtle piece is enough to add some glam but does not take away from your own gorgeous glow. It is the perfect hair accessory for a splash of jewelry without being overwhelming. If your wedding attire is flashy, embroidered, and sparkles like a princess, this is the perfect hair comb to keep it spreading from head to toe, but it won’t be too glitzy. Adding subtle beauty is what this piece was made for. If you feel like your wedding look is missing something small, this could be just the accessory you need to complete the look!


  • Adorn with beads, pearls, and rhinestones

  • Small and elegant for a subtle addition

  • Measurements- 3.5in x 1.5in

  • Comb teeth are close together for a secure hold

This small but gorgeous hair accessory is the perfect addition to any wedding day look. Keep it simple but add some glam with this charming bridal hair comb.

Keep it for memories and pass it on to your daughter when the time comes for her to be married.