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The Perfect Wedding Accessories

There are few days in a girl’s life that are dreamed about for years, that are planned out with extravagant details. One of those days is her wedding day. Even if you were the type of girl who never thought about this big day in your life, now that it is approaching, you want it to be absolutely perfect.

A wedding day is a special event in most people’s live—joining a new family, uniting with someone else, and celebrating love with all of your friends and family. When you are planning your big day, you want to be sure that every last detail is perfect and that you have everything you need.

At Timeless Bridal Accessories, we offer the perfect accessories for every bride on her wedding day. From gorgeous satin robes for getting ready, to jeweled sashes and photo props, we have everything you need for a flawless wedding day.

If you have not in fact been planning for this special day since childhood, you may not have every last detail planned out, but don’t fret, we will help make sure you have everything covered! Hopefully by now you have the venue, menu, guests, and cake all picked out. Hopefully you have chosen the right dress for you. Flowers, centerpieces, and other decorations may not be the most important part of you wedding, but if you want a picture-perfect wedding, you have most likely taken care of all of these aspects of your big day.

For a truly perfect wedding, you will want to make sure you get every last detail perfectly, Timeless Bridal Accessories can help. This blog will go over different accessories that can improve your wedding and may be the missing piece of the puzzle!

Satin Robes

When you and all of your bridesmaids are getting ready, you will want something that is light, comfy, and easy to take off. You never want to wear something that you have to pull over your head—your hairstyle and makeup took way too long to risk attempting to pull a sweater over your head. That is why these robes are the perfect addition to your wedding preparation.

Timeless Bridal Accessories offers both solid colored satin robes and floral satin robes, to match your style as well as your wedding theme and colors. There are many beautiful photo opportunities when getting ready for your wedding, think about how gorgeous your photographs will be if you and your bridesmaids are all wearing matching, sleek, and elegant robes.

With these robes, there are many different options, allowing you to mix and match for the best wedding day look! Have all of your bridesmaids wear a solid black robe while you stand out in the gorgeous black floral robe. You could match with your bridesmaids or allow yourself to stand out on your special day. We even offer satin robes in child sizes for your younger bridesmaids or flower girl, allowing everyone to feel included and having fun!

These robes are gorgeous, comfortable, light, elegant, and the perfect attire while getting ready for the ceremony. They tie on the inside and outside for a better fit, have elbow length sleeves that won’t get in the way while applying makeup, and they have pockets! Match your robes to your wedding colors or find one that you love!

Jeweled Hair Combs

Imagine a beautiful braided updo, with single curls loosely cascading down your shoulders, and an embellished hair comb tucked into the top of the braid, adding dazzle and beauty to your updo. This simple accessory can give your wedding appearance an extra touch of glamour. If you feel like your wedding style is lacking a little luster, this could be the perfect addition!A jeweled hair comb is the perfect accessory for those bride who want to add a little more sparkle to their wedding day look. If you are rocking an updo of any kind, it can be dramatically enhanced with one of these sparkling hair combs.


Sashes are another great way to add some sparkle to your look on the big day. A wedding dress generally reflects the bride's style, giving the dress a personal touch. But when your dress is a little less glamorous than you had hoped, you can always add a sash to the look. A simple wedding dress can be transformed with one of the Timeless Bridal Accessories sashes.

Add some rhinestones and jewels with this simple accessory. If your wedding dress is simple and elegant, but you think some added design could help turn your dress into the one you have always dreamed of, then a sash may be the perfect solution for you! Add some sparkle and elegant details to your wedding dress with one of these sashes.

Photo Props

A beautiful backdrop, everybody dressed to impress, gorgeous decorations, and a bride that resembles a princess—these are all the elements that make weddings the perfect setting for wonderful photos. A wedding is one of the greatest photo opportunities ever—guests are having fun, there are heartwarming moments that need to be captured, and it is a day you want to remember forever.

While candid photos of guests dancing, and you and your new spouse cutting the cake are wonderful and fun, there are ways to bring your photos to the next level! Everyone has fun with photo props and you will love seeing your guests having fun with them.

Timeless Bridal Accessories offers packs of cardstock photo props—with mustaches, lips, glasses, neckties, and hats! This will add some fun to your photos and give your guests that opportunity to be a little goofy. Setting up a photobooth and creating a space for your guests, family, and friends to take fun and silly photos is a great way to keep guests entertained and add something other than dancing to your wedding.

Another fun idea is to get disposable cameras for each table, allow your guests to take photos of each other, the party, and the lovely new couple. This is a fun way to relive the party and enjoy the moments you may have missed.

Other photo props we offer are beautiful and elegant parasols. These are for you and your new life partner to pose with, adding a personal touch to your thank you cards or announcements. We have parasols that say “Just Married”, “Mr & Mrs”, and “Thank You”, as well as a beautifully designed lace parasol. These give your wedding photos an added element, making them more fun, unique, and personal.



Garters are a wedding tradition that will most likely not go forgotten, but if you are too busy planning every other detail of your wedding and forget to find a garter, you can find the perfect one for you at Timeless Bridal Accessories! We offer garter sets—one for the famous toss and one as a special keepsake. These beautiful and intricately designed garters are perfect for any bride, and with so many sets, you are sure to find the match that is perfect for you! Some of these garters are detailed with a blue ribbon, working as your “something blue” if you have yet to find one. Look through our gorgeous garter sets to make sure you find the perfect one for your wedding day.

These are some accessories that may not be necessary, but they are sure to make your wedding day just a little extra special. You can improve your bridal look with a jeweled sash and a gorgeous hair comb. You can give your bridesmaids a beautiful keepsake to use for and after the wedding with our elegant satin robes. You can create some fun for your guests with goofy photo props that will make your wedding photos even better. These are fun ways to add to your wedding and make it more memorable for everyone.

At Timeless Bridal Accessories, we understand the importance of perfecting every detail before the big day. These simple accessories could be the finishing touch. If you feel like your wedding day plans are lacking something, look through our gorgeous accessories to find the perfect addition to your big day! Contact us today with any questions you may have.