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How To Choose The Best Wedding Accessories

You have your wedding venue, the menu, the colors and decorations picked out, the guest list finalized, and the date set. Your wedding is drawing nearer every day and luckily you have most everything planned out. You even have your wedding dress selected and altered, ready for the big day. You have spent months planning for this day and everything has been coming together nicely.

But what if you overlooked one small detail? In the hectic planning and decision making and list checking, you forgot to ensure you have everything you need. You may have the dress, but what about the rest of the accessories? Do you have the shoes you need as you walk down the aisle? Do you have the jewelry you have always planned to wear on your special day? What other accessories could you be missing?





While your accessories may not make or break your wedding day, there is something special about looking completely perfect, like a princess, on your wedding day. The beautiful sparkling necklace, the bracelets that delicately rest on your wrists, and even the emerald earrings can help make your special day feel even more special.

When creating the perfect bridal look, make sure you take the time to think about what you want to look like and what accessories you want to rock on your special day. In this blog we will go over some of the best accessories a bride can have and how to wear them properly! So read on to decide what bridal accessories can help you create your perfect wedding day look.If you are looking for last minute accessories, Timeless Bridal Accessories may have exactly what you need! From sashes to jeweled hair combs and even satin robes to get ready iy, we have everything to help you complete your wedding day!

Accessorize Around The Neckline

When choosing a necklace and other jewelry, or deciding if you are even going to wear any, you will want to consider the neckline of your dress. If you have a higher neckline, there are a few options you can choose from. You can either choose a chunky and jeweled necklace, a few long strings of pearls, or no necklace at all. You can test them all out and decide which looks best with your dress and which you are most comfortable with. In some cases, the necklace may distract from the dress, and that is never the goal of accessorizing.

A strapless or sweetheart neckline can be paired with a shorter necklace or even a beautiful and bold choker necklace. This is a great way to give your style an additional touch without being too drastic. If the necklace seems like it is too much, ditch it and go with earring. Elegant and dangling earrings could make you look sophisticated and create the perfect match for this neckline. This is also a great neckline for an updo which can also be accessorized. You can add a beautiful flower crown, which is a great look for an outdoor wedding. Or wear a jeweled headband, allowing you to add some sparkle to your wedding day look, but on a more subtle level. Another option is to add one of the Timeless Bridal Accessories jeweled hair combs to your wedding day look. These combs truly add an amazing touch to an updo and tuck beautifully among the curls and braids, creating the perfect look.

A v-neck is a perfect neckline for a necklace. Whether it is a more subtle neckline or a deep v-neck, a necklace could add more beautiful detail to your bridal look. This neckline allows for a lot of different necklace types—from a thick choker necklace to a delicate and long pendant, a little additional style could improve your wedding day look.

Match To Your Wedding

If your wedding is in a church, you are most likely not going to wear a bohemian dress, and if you aren’t wearing a bohemian dress you are most likely not going to wear a flower crown. When you choose your accessories you will want to be sure you are at least considering your wedding theme, locations, and color choices. You won’t want to wear any burgundy accessories if your wedding colors are emerald and gold, it would look out of place and awkward. So at least try getting in your color range when picking accessories.

A trend for many beach weddings is the barefoot sandal. These are gorgeous, fun, and allow you to enjoy the sandy beach without getting it in your already uncomfortable heels. These add a touch of sophistication and style and are a better choice than going completely barefoot. But these are also most likely only going to be worn at a beach wedding. Wearing these to a church wedding would look awkward and seem very out of place, so again, plan your shoes based on your wedding location.

Accessories To Your Personality

While matching your accessories to your wedding location, style, and color scheme may seem simple enough, it is also important to accessorize based on your personality. If you have never worn a necklace in your life, don’t wear a flashy and oversized necklace on your wedding day. It will become distracting, and while it may look find to all of your guests, you may feel uncomfortable while wearing it. You want to be comfortable more than anything during your wedding.

If your everyday style is flowy, relaxed, and more on the bohemian side of things, you will probably want to avoid a princess wedding, with a huge ball gown, diamond studded jewelry, and every accessory imaginable. Go simple, wear a flower crown and a pair of earrings that are not too decorative and heavy.

If you went with a simple dress and want to accessorize with something subtle but beautiful, a sash is the perfect way to do it. If you generally dress in simple clothing but use one thing to accessorize and make a statement, one of the Timeless Bridal Accessories jeweled sashes could be the perfect accessory for your wedding day.

While accessorizing is an important part of your wedding day, you want to feel like yourself and you want your future spouse to know you are dressed exactly how you imagined. So stick with your personality and everyday style and never wear accessories that make you uncomfortable, you will not enjoy it during your wedding day.

Whatever you decide to accessorize with, make sure you follow these simple tips. Match your accessories to your dress, your wedding theme, colors, and location, and definitely make sure you only get accessories that you feel comfortable with. Your wedding day will all come together and your bridal look will be flawless with these tips! Check out Timeless Bridal Accessories to find the finishing touches for your wedding day look. Contact us with any questions you may have.