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The Small Wedding Details to Not Forget

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding. You have to choose the venue, the menu, who is going to be invited, who will be in your wedding party, the style of wedding you want, the type of dessert you want, and every other little detail. But there are a few things that may get overlooked with all of the big decisions that are on your mind.

As we all know, a lot goes into a wedding. It is not as simple as picking a date and a venue and calling it good to go. Whether it is what flowers you want as the centerpieces on the reception tables or what you want your guests to throw and wave as you leave the ceremony, these decisions all must be made. Everything down to the smallest accessory much be planned.

At Timeless Bridal Accessories, we know a thing or two about the small details. We can provide you with the perfect bridal accessories, helping you cross a few of the small decisions off of your list. But we don’t want you to forget about any of the small details. In this blog, we are going to give you a few tips to help you remember every last detail! Especially the important ones that can easily be forgotten!

The Music

When it comes to a wedding, most people do not think about music. Obviously, everyone will be wanting to dance during the reception and you may have picked out your first dance song, but how is that going to be played? Are you going to hire a DJ? Are you going to hire a band or some other musician? Are you going to ask your work friend who DJs on the weekend to help out? Or are you going to make a playlist and let it play over a loudspeaker? The music may not be the most important part of the ceremony but it is the most important part of the reception. People love dancing during weddings. You will likely find grandma and your three year old niece busting a move together. So, be sure you keep the music in mind figure out what you want before the big day.

The Lighting

If you are getting married at a venue, they will likely help you take care of the lighting. But if you are getting married in your dad’s backyard on the outskirts of town, lighting may not be something you think of. As the night goes on, it will get dark and you and your guests may have trouble seeing. Don’t worry about lighting after it is too late. Plan for it to get dark and be sure you test out your lighting options before the night of the wedding. Have light hung around the reception area, places on every table, and along different paths. You want to make sure all of your guests can see as the sun begins to set. Plan to have extra lighting just in case it is an extra dark night.

The Entertainment

Entertainment is not a necessity for weddings, but we have started to see more forms of entertainment at weddings in the past few years, perhaps to help keep guests off of their phones. These can include anything from games to performers. If you are having a backyard wedding, yard games are a great way to keep the fun going and allow people of all ages to enjoy the celebration. If you are having a fancier wedding at a venue, having some sort of entertainer (which could also be the musical performance) could help keep people entertained and provide some nice background music.

Photo booths are another great way to keep your guests entertained. Make a cute or funny backdrop and have a photographer take photos of all of your friends. Or download one of the wedding photo apps so that your friends can upload picture from their phone for everyone to see. One of these apps include WedPics, but there are others you can test out as well. To make your photo shoot an even bigger hit, add the Timeless Bridal Accessories photo props! These are fun and can help your guests loosen up a bit and take goofy photos that they will remembered forever.


At some point in your wedding, you will most likely need transportation. Whether it is just for you and the wedding party or for all of your guests, it is important to make sure you have a plan. If the wedding party has to be transported from a hotel or house to the ceremony, make sure you set that up way before the wedding and maybe set up a back-up plan just to be safe. If your ceremony and reception are in different places, be sure to plan transportation for your guests. Even if you all just pile into a few cars and make the drive, you want to be sure everyone is taken care of and transported. Be sure that a person who knows where the reception is will be in each of the cars.

Planning for the Gifts

Throughout the night, you may start having a little too much fun and simply forget about the gifts and cards or forget that you have to take care of them. You can assign this task to your maid of honor or a parent. Just ask them to remind you about the gifts or take care of them for you. Parents love helping out their children, so you won’t have a problem getting their help! Just be sure you don’t completely forget about them.

Providing Enough Seats

A Brides article talks about chairs a few times. First you want to make sure you have enough chairs for every guest and then a few more. Some people like their personal space and may not want to sit next to smelly Uncle Joe, providing extra seats allows people to spread out and be more comfortable. But this is also a great idea if you are having a summer wedding, outside, in a hot location. Sitting that close to people for a long period of time gets uncomfortable quickly.

You also want to think about chairs for the ceremony and reception. Renting a set of chairs for each is the better option, especially if your ceremony and reception are in different places. Unless you have a solid system of getting the chairs moves from ceremony to reception without anyone even noticing, it will be less of a hassle to just get two sets of chairs.

Getting Ready Pictures

Getting ready with your girls is a special moment on your wedding day, with a lot of tears, a ton of feelings, and perfect makeup. So, why not snap a few photos? But make them even more special and coordinated by adding our beautiful satin robes. These are perfect for getting ready. They are light, easy to remove, and adorable!

At Timeless Bridal Accessories, we work hard to make sure your wedding day look is perfect, from the getting ready photos to the late night photo booth pictures you will remember forever. Start shopping now!