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The Final Touches For Your Winter Wedding

If you are one of the few brides who chooses to have a winter wedding, there are a few final touches you want to be sure to have prepared and planned. Hopefully you have most of your wedding already planned out, but there are a few things that could help make your wedding even more special.

Timeless Bridal Accessories want to help make your wedding absolutely perfect. That is why we offer the best bridal accessories to help complete your look for the big day. One thing that will take your winter bride look to the next level is one of our jeweled hair combs. These sparkling and glittery hair pieces can take your look to the next level. They are perfect for a winter wedding because they can highlight the shine from the freshly fallen snow.
In this blog, we will be going over some of the fun and festive ideas you can use to bring the winter wedding theme to its full potential. Read on for ideas that will transform your wedding into a winter wonderland.If you haven’t found the finishing touches for your bridal look, add one of these hair combs to enhance your look and add a touch of winter to your style. Once your wedding day look is taken care of, it is time to make the finishing touches on your ceremony and reception.

Keep Guests Warm

You want your guests to enjoy your wedding and stay warm throughout the ceremony, reception, and any outdoor moments during your wedding. Giving your guests blankets as a wedding favor that they can use during the reception and ceremony to stay cozy and warm is the perfect idea. Your guests will love the cute idea and appreciate a favor that keeps them comfortable. If your winter wedding involves any outdoor moments, this is a great way to celebrate without worrying about everyone being too cold. You can add cute signs so guests know they can go ahead and grab a blanket, something like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, “To Have and To Hold, In Case You Get Cold”, and other winter themed signage can make the blankets stand out more.

Include Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a fun way to incorporate a holiday traditions into your wedding. Perhaps you have been to a wedding that required the bride and groom to kiss every time the guests would ring bells. This could be a similar idea but with more of a winter theme. Leave mistletoe on the tables at the reception for guests to hold over your head to get you and your new spouse to find each other and kiss. Or hide mistletoe around the reception and allow everyone to participate in this festive fun. You can also hang some above the altar and have your first kiss as husband and wife underneath the mistletoe. This is a cute way incorporate the holiday and winter into your wedding.

Light It Up

While weddings in general are great for fun string lights, you can add an enchanting touch to your winter wedding by going crazy with the string lights. Hang them all the way down the aisle, put battery operated lights in vases with Christmas ornaments, pinecones, or other winter-esque items. String up lights around the altar to highlight you and the love of your life as you say “I do”. Not only will lights add a charming touch to your wedding, but they can also add a warmth that is perfect for the colder ceremony. Add lanterns around the edges of your ceremony and reception. Add candles, light a fire, and light up your wedding with any other lighting you can think of. If you wedding is around Christmas, decorate a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments that match your color scheme.

Serve Winter Treats

But drinks aren’t the only thing that you can have fun with. Have treats and snacks that will have your guests excited about winter. A s’mores bar that allows your guests to craft their own s’mores is a great idea. Christmas cookies is also a fun idea that will have everyone in the holiday spirit. Add milk and cookies, white chocolate covered cake pops, and chocolate covered pretzels with candy cane crumble to the dessert menu for additional choices that enhance the winter theme.Winter comes with its own special treats, and serving these treats at your wedding can add to the winter theme. Have a hot chocolate, coffee, or hot alcoholic beverage bar set up for guests to enjoy. This will help them stay warm, allow the kids to enjoy something other than soda, and add to your winter theme. Include different hot chocolate flavors with marshmallows, whipped cream, candy cane stir sticks, and other toppings that will enhance the hot chocolate bar. Serve hot toddies, hot brandy cocktails, apple cider, and other hot and festive drinks. This is a must for a winter wedding, especially if it involves some outdoor time.

Add Sparkle

When you think of a winter wonderland, you probably picture sparkles, glitter, and shine. Silver and gold are great color themes for a winter wedding and adding silver and gold sparkle is perfect to adding charm. Add glitter covered ornaments to the centerpieces, hang some sparkling cloth on the altar and highlight it wil string lights. There are many ways to add glitz and glam to your winter wedding without it seeming tacky.

One great way to add some beautiful sparkle to your bridal look is with a jeweled hair comb from Timeless Bridal Accessories. Find the hair comb that will add a beautiful touch to your winter wedding style and help you create the finishing touch on your winter wonderland. Use some of these ideas to enhance your winter wedding and enjoy the festive and romantic wedding theme.

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