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How To Be The Best Maid Of Honor

Being the maid of honor at your best friend or sister’s wedding is, for lack of a better word, an honor. The bride picked you because your friendship and bond is strong and beautiful. You are the person she trusts more than any other with the most important day of her life. When you are asked to be maid of honor, you know you hold a special place in your friend’s life.

But being the maid of honor is more than just a name that shows you are among one of the most important people in the bride’s life. Being the MOH comes with special duties, requires excellent planning skills, and tests how you handle stress. Alright, well maybe it isn’t that bad, but depending on the bride, your list of duties may grow dramatically. There are some brides who take all the planning into their own hands, while some sit back and let others plan for them.

But we can do more than just provide you with beautiful bridal accessories, we can provide you with tips to being the best maid of honor ever. In this blog, we will help you become the most organized and successful MOH. Read on to learn the secrets of this exclusive position.While you may not be planning the entire wedding, there are different things that you will be in charge of and have to remember to do. Timeless Bridal Accessories can make some of your duties simpler and provide you with beautiful bridal accessories, including satin robes for the bridal party.

Help Out

The bride is going to be stressed and will need all the help she can get. You are her right hand woman and need to be there to help her out whenever possible. If she needs you to come to view different venues with her or test cake samples, then be there ready to help. Help her and her fiance with invitations, ordering flowers, finding the right vendors, and whatever else they need.

Hiring a wedding planner is always an option as well, but to be the best maid of honor, you can take over the job of wedding planner as well, it will help them save money and allow you to stay involved in the wedding planning process.

But helping with the plans is not the only way you can help out the bride. Lending an ear and offering advice are also great ways to help out. The bride and groom will be under a lot of stress during the planning process, listening to their issues and offering advice can help them sort out different issues and just make them feel relieved.

Plan the Pre-Wedding Parties

There are a lot of parties that lead up to the big party. The bridal shower is one of those parties that is special for the bride and all of her friends and family. Bridal showers are generally charming little get togethers that are more elegant and relaxed than other bridal parties. When planning the bridal shower, find a location that is easy for everyone and big enough to host the guests. These parties are generally around 40 people but can be more or less, this part should be up to the bride. Find a location and pick a theme, and then start planning the rest.

Many bridal showers are similar to tea parties, fancy and elegant happy hours, or just a fun brunch. Get more creative theme ideas for the bridal shower from Weddingwire! Planning the theme should be the fun part, the rest is planning the guest list, different activities, food and drink options, decor, and preparing the greatest toast that will make the bride tear up.

Wedding Day Tasks

The other party you need to plan is the bachelorette party. This is the fun and feisty party that generally only involves the bridal party. Be sure to ask the bride what kind of party she wants—is a weekend in Vegas her dream party, does she want to spend time at a resort spa, or does she want to have the party in a cabin in the mountains? Whatever kind of party she wants, plan for that and then make it a fun time.

While you can help with many things during the planning phase, your duties mainly lie on the wedding day. Helping the bride get everything in order, put on her dress properly, adjust the train and veil throughout the day, and making sure that everything runs smoothly are only a few of the many tasks you will face on the wedding day. Be sure she has all of her accessories ready to go, like her garter and jewelry. You also need to worry about the little things—make sure the bride eats and drinks throughout the night, ensure that you are sticking to the schedule, and act as though you are hosting. These things will help to take pressure off of the bride and make the wedding go better than she ever imagined.One thing that will make your bachelorette party more memorable is giving the bridal party a keepsake. Our satin bridal robes make the perfect option! These solid or floral robes can be embroidered with names, initials, or whatever else to personalize them. These also double as great “getting ready” attire. Light and comfy robes will keep all of you cool and are easy to remove so you don’t ruin your perfect hairdos while dressing. The main thing to worry about during the bachelorette party is that everyone is having fun.

You also want to make sure that memories are made and kept forever. Have guests download WedPics, an app that allows everyone to share photos they took at the wedding. You can add to the fun with our goofy photo props!

Being the maid of honor isn’t easy, but it is worth it. These tips can help you make the wedding one to remember! Get plans started and check out Timeless Bridal Accessories now!