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Choosing a Wedding Dress For The Venue

While a wedding is meant to unite two families and celebrate the love between two people there is more to it. Many wedding traditions and plans are focused on bringing the two together—the first dance, the ceremony, the vows, and the cake cutting all focus on the bride and groom. But many aspects of a wedding are focused on the bride.

But one of the most important aspects for a bride is her wedding dress. Many girls dream of their future wedding dress starting at a young age. Planning their perfect Cinderella ball gown or the flowing goddess-like dress happens throughout their life. And when the day finally comes to wear that perfect dress down the aisle, everyone will be in awe.

Picking the perfect wedding dress may not be as easy as imagining one—the dress they have always dreamed of may create the look of a large cupcake or perhaps a dress they never imagined wearing makes them look and feel like a true princess. Either way, dress after dress has to be tried on, modeled, viewed from all sides, and altered to find a wedding dress that will become the dress.

If you are in the process of selecting a wedding dress, there are some things to think about that may make the decision easier for you. By considering different aspects of your wedding, you can find the best wedding dress and being to build your wedding day look. Timeless Bridal Accessories can help you perfect your look with sashes, jeweled hair combs, and more!

In this blog, we will go over an important thing to consider when deciding on a wedding dress—the location and time of year. Depending on where and when your wedding takes place, you will want to plan your wedding dress accordingly. If you are a bride who picks their wedding dress before anything else, plan your location and time around your dress!

The Beach Wedding

Most beach weddings, no matter the time of year, will come with warm weather. For that reason, your dress options are more extensive. You can go with a casual or a more glamorous style, bohemian or ball gown, strapless or sleeved, long or short. It truly depends on your style.

If you are looking for something on the elegant and classy side, try a lace dress. Your can get it form fitting dress with a mermaid or a-line silhouette and a sweetheart neckline. Or maybe lace isn’t your thing. A chiffon material is light and flowy, perfect for an elegant but casual beach wedding. A beautifully jeweled v-neckline, an empire waist, and an open back design could add a touch of bohemian style to something that is classy and gorgeous.

A beach wedding and a mermaid silhouette may be your ideal combination. Mermaid dresses come in many different styles and can be elegant, sleek, simple, complex, and everything in between. Find a simple, sleek, and slim mermaid style for a beautiful and angelic look. Or go all out with sweeping organza train that adds definition to the bottom of your dress.

A tea length dress may also be a great choice for a beach wedding, allowing you to get the beautiful look you want without having to worry about getting sand trapped in your train. An a-line dress with a v-neck and an empire waist can give your a gorgeous look while also adding some casual and bohemian style to your wedding day look.

If you are having a beach wedding along upper west coast, in rainy states such as Oregon, you may want to consider having a plan for your wedding dress in case it is cold on the day of your wedding. But most likely you will be able to enjoy your beach wedding in your perfect dress.

The Mountain Wedding

Depending on the time of year, your wedding dress choice may change. In the fall and winter a warmer dress may be necessary and in the spring and summer a beautiful summer dress is the perfect pick.

If you choose to have an mountain wedding, most likely you are more on the laid back side and have a bohemian touch to your style. A flowing, earthy, and simple wedding dress could be just what you are looking for. Many mountain wedding are also featuring the off-white dress, allowing it to look a little more natural.

You can add some style and elegance to your bohemian wedding dress by finding one with lace. Off-white lace can add an amazing look, giving a wedding dress more character and a touch of class.

The waist could also change the look of your wedding dress. A flowing tulle dress with an empire waistline could add give a more fitted appearance but still allow for a flowing and bohemian styled dress. A gentle mermaid silhouette could also add more style to your wedding dress without being too elegant for the setting.

The Ballroom Wedding

If you are having a gorgeous, charming, and sophisticated fairytale wedding in the more beautiful ballroom in town, you may want to consider completing the look with a ball gown. A ball gown will give your the true Cinderella look, and allow you to feel like a princess on your special day.

Some ball gowns fall under the simple category and could even be perfect for your bohemian wedding. But in a ballroom you will want to be the more gorgeous thing in the room, so a dress with lace, embroidery, and a full skirt is the perfect choice.

Find something you love with a bateau neckline or strapless. Choose a dress that is covered in lace or completely smooth and silky. Ball gowns look elegant and gorgeous no matter how many details they have. A simple and a beautifully designed ball gown can complete your ballroom wedding look and make your fairytale wedding dreams come true.

Wedding dresses were not made for one location and you can make any look and style work with your venue. But certain styles match better with the settings, which can help make your decision easier. But finding the perfect dress may be more important than matching your wedding setting. So find the one you love and allow yourself to feel like a true princess on your special day! With these tips, the decision is hopefully easier for you!

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You wedding day look should be flawless, you have dreamed about this day for most of your life. Finding the perfect dress, accessories, and the love of your life will make your wedding day just what you imagined! Shop Timeless Bridal Accessories to find the perfect wedding day look and accessories for your special day! Contact us with any questions you may have!