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The Best First Dance Songs

You have all of the plans for your wedding set. You have made reservations for the venue, booked the vendors, finalized the guest list, and picked out all the other little details. You have even finished finding all of your accessories thanks to Timeless Bridal Accessories! But there may be one thing you have not thought about yet, or perhaps you have been thinking about it since you were a young girl.

Your first dance wedding song is a big deal. At least, most brides think it is. The first dance is a romantic, beautiful, and emotional time for all involved. And many brides spend a ton of time finding the perfect song that represents the new couples’ relationship. This song should be beautiful, happy, and make the mothers cry. You first dance song can be anything, one of the first songs the two of you heard together, a romantic love song that seems as though it was written for you, or a song that makes you think of the love of your life.

Picking your song shouldn’t be hard. But you want this moment to be perfect. You want this song to leave no dry eyes in the audience. You want to remember this song forever and feel the love every time those lyrics play aloud.

So how are you supposed to find the perfect wedding song for your first dance? If you haven’t already figured out your first dance song, we can help! The wedding experts at Timeless Bridal Accessories know a thing or two about weddings and how to make them special. In this blog, we will talk about different wedding songs that can make your first dance even more special.

“Perfect” By Ed Sheeran

This song is from his new album called “Divide”. This song is obviously gorgeous because Ed Sheeran has the voice of an angel. But the song is a love song, about young love that wants nothing more than to grow. This is a beautiful song, describing the love you can have for another person and how much better you expect it to get. It is called “Perfect” because, the girl in the song looks perfect. This is a great first dance song for many reasons. It will describe your love and can help resemble your wedding night. The love of your life will be feeling the lyrics, thinking you look perfect as you dance your first dance together.

“Thinking Out Loud” By Ed Sheeran

Again, Ed Sheeran is an artist who writes love songs like it was the only think it was meant to do. This song is from his older album called “X”. This gorgeous song describes the love he has for the girl and how long he will love her for. This is a great song for those who want a love that last a lifetime. Dancing to this lovely tune as your first dance is sure to bring the tears.

“I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You” By Imaginary Future and Kina Grannis

This may not be a song you have heard before, but the name alone give you an idea that it makes a great first dance song. The beautiful duet is soft, elegant, and absolutely gorgeous and could be the perfect song to select as your first dance! It is a bit on the slower side, so it you want something more upbeat, keep reading!

“Stand By Me” By Ben E. King

This is a classic and fun song to have at your wedding. The beat is great for dancing and everyone knows the catchy lyrics. This would be a fun song to choreograph a dance to that will wow your families and put a smile on everyone's face!

“You Are The Best Thing” By Ray LaMontagne

This is another classic that is upbeat and funky and perfect for a first song. You can sway to the beat and have fun with this song. If you are looking for a song that is a bit different than the typical slow songs, this could be the perfect song for you!

“Lucky” By Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz

The duet is a great way to celebrate your new marriage. This is for the best friends out there who decided to be best friends for life. If you are marrying your best friend and want a song to represent that, this is the perfect choice. It is beautiful, fast paces, and fun to dance to!

These songs are all great choices, and they are only a few of the hundreds of songs that are perfect for your first dance. Love songs can be found anywhere and one will match your relationship perfectly. If you did not find your first dance song in this short list, keep looking! You want a song that represents your love and makes you feel as though it was written just for the two of you. At Timeless Bridal Accessories, we know the importance of finding the perfect song, keep searching and don’t stop until you find the one. And don't forget to shop through our bridal accessories to finish your wedding day look.