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History Behind Popular Wedding Accessories

There are many different wedding accessories that are not just meant to enhance the wedding day look, they have meaning behind them, a tradition, and a history. Today, many brides wear different wedding accessories because it is in fact a tradition, but they may not know the history behind these accessories and why brides started wearing them in the first place.

You may know some of the traditions, like the white wedding dress or the something old, new, borrowed, and blue—but there may be other traditions for wedding accessories that you do not know the story behind or the reason why brides today still wear these items.

Wedding accessories, whether they have a history behind them or not, are fun and can give your wedding day style an extra touch. At Timeless Bridal Accessories, we offer wedding day accessories that may just be what you need to pull your look together. From garters and sashes, to robes and photo props, we can provide great wedding accessories for your wedding day celebration!

If you are interested in the history behind some of the most popular wedding day accessories, keep reading this blog! We will go over some of these accessories, their history, and why brides still wear them today!

The Garter

While garters are fun and a great tradition now, they started in a darker place. Garters had a purpose, which was to hold up a the bride’s stockings. During the beginning of the garter tradition, guests would accompany the newlyweds on their honeymoon to ensure they consummated the marriage. Luckily, people began to realize that this was intrusive and they would wait outside (because that is much less intrusive). The groom would toss the garter out to the guests to show the deed was being done. This traditions became part of the reception, allowing the newlyweds to have privacy during their honeymoon. And slowly, overtime the tradition has become more of the groom’s version of the bouquet toss.

We can all be glad that the original tradition of the garter is long gone and now it has become a tradition of its own, almost a complete opposite of what it used to be. Garters are also a great accessory when it comes to the something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Many brides like to keep their garter and pass them onto their daughters or granddaughters. At Timeless Bridal Accessories, we offer garter sets, allowing for one to be thrown and one to be kept and passed on. Many of our garter sets come with a blue ribbon or jewel, adding something blue to your wedding attire. These are a fun tradition, even if they started at a weird place. Our garter sets are perfect for your wedding day celebration and allow you to have a wedding day keepsake that you can pass on to your daughter down the road.

The Veil

Veils had a purpose many years ago, and it wasn’t to add to the bride’s look. Because the Ancient Greeks and Romans had a deep fear for evil spirits, veils were used to protect the bride. The first veils were thick and red and covered the bride head to toe, to make her resemble fire, which apparently scared the evil spirits away.

Since these original veils were thick, they prevented the bride from seeing well, which is the reason behind the father, or another, escorting the bride down the aisle, beginning the tradition of giving the bride away.

In Judaism during biblical times, the groom would place the veil over the bride before the wedding to symbolize that he is marrying her for her inner beauty. And during the Victorian era, a bride’s status would be determined based on the weight, length, and quality of the veil. Over the years, the style of veils have changed dramatically, from small veils that simple covered you face to veils that were longer than the wedding dress. But nowadays, veils are more based on the bride's style. Many opt for no veil and some wear flower crowns rather than the traditional veil.

The veil has many different meanings behind it and depending on the time period and culture you are looking at, you will find different reasons for the veil. But as a bride nowadays, you can choose any style veil you want and know that it is just improving your bridal look, not scaring away evil spirits.

The Bouquet

Wedding bouquet are also not just for looks. According to Huffington Post, the brides would carry bouquets to mask their stench. This started in the 15th century, a time when people would get an annual bath in May, and women would take their bath second to last, before the baby. Because of this yearly May bath, most weddings were held in June so the stink didn’t get too bad after a month. 

They were also used to ward off evil spirits. Many bouquets would incorporate strongly smelling herbs, such as garlic, chives, dill, and other spices, to help drive away evil spirits, and maybe to cover up more of the bride’s smell, but who knows.

On a more romantic note, bouquets started being used to send messages. A groom could create a bouquet for the bride to send her a message and she could do the same. Different flowers have different meanings and thanks to those meanings, the bride and groom could send messages to each other.

While you may be been hoping for a bit more of romantic and adorable histories behind our favorite wedding accessories, it is interesting to think about how these started and what they are today. Brides do not wear veils today to ward off the evil spirits and hopefully they have bathed within the last year. The history and traditions behind these accessories are strange and hopefully we will never need to use them for similar reasons again.

As a bride today, we can simply enjoy the aesthetic purpose behind these fun and beautiful accessories and maybe even start traditions with some new accessories! At Timeless Bridal Accessories, we offer the best bridal accessories that you may not have thought about. Get a beautiful parasol to add an elegant touch to your wedding photos. Give your bridal hairdo an upgrade with a jeweled hair comb. And give your bridesmaids a gift they can enjoy time after time with our beautiful and comfortable robes! Our accessories can help you wedding day be even more special. Contact us today with any questions and shop now!