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Bridal Style For A Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are unique. Many people do not want to get married in the winter, especially if they are hoping for an outdoor wedding. But there is something magical, cozy, and stunning about a winter wedding. Getting married in the cold and snowy months is a brave thing to do, especially because the planning involves so much more.

Do you wear heels, winter boots, or some type of cute but cozy bootie? Should you go with a long sleeve dress or a fur stole to keep warm? What hairstyle will be the best to completely the winter wedding look? While planning your wedding look is difficult as is, planning your look for a winter wedding is a completely different story.

Timeless Bridal Accessories can help you get the best look for your wedding. We can provide you with the best bridal accessories that can complete your look, as well as offer you tips to create the look of a bride in a winter wonderland.

While your wedding may still be a few months away, you want your look to be nailed down before you run out of time. Start here! In this blog, we will give you tips to creating the perfect look for your big day.

The Dress

The great part about winter weddings is that you do not have to worry about your dress. If your dress is strapless, adding a furry stole or coat to the look will keep you warm and allow you to still look absolutely gorgeous. You can choose basically any type of dress and add to it to keep you warm throughout the night.

But you also have more options because long sleeved dress are now a great choice. While long sleeved dresses could work for summer wedding as well, they may get hot and seem a little out of place during a wedding on a 90 degree day. A long sleeved dress with lace sleeve could create a completely unique look during a winter wedding. The elegance or beauty of a long sleeve dress will give you the look of a winter queen.

Another great dress style for winter weddings is the ball gown. The full and extravagant skirt of these dresses will add to the entire theme and create the winter in wonderland look you are probably hoping for. Fresh fallen snow covering the tree branches and the ground around your ceremony will create a truly magical setting, and the white dress will only add to it all.

The Warmth

After you choose your dress you will want to make sure you stay warm. You will most likely take photos outside in the snow, and staying warm is going to help them turn out better. Whether you use a shawl, a fancier jacket, or a fur stole, you will be able to create a completely different look with your outerwear options.

You will also want to make sure your shoes are warm enough, at least during any moments you are outside. Wearing strappy heels and walking through the snow will not only freeze your feet, but may also cause you to trip, and tripping on your wedding day is never fun. Wear booties, snow boots, or simply swap out your heels for some boots during your time outside. You want your feet to stay warm so you can feel them as you dance the night away!


Depending on the look you are going for, your makeup choices may be completely different. If you want to make a bold statement and stand out against the white of the snow and your dress, darker makeup can help you create the perfect look. Wear a lipstick that is a burgundy color. A deep colored lipstick, a smoky eye, and dark mascara can create the perfect look for you.

However, if you are going for a softer, and more winter-esque look, a light pink or natural colored lipstick with soft peach or white colored eye makeup could be just want you need.


Twists, braids, curls, and updos are a beautiful addition to a winter bridal look. Winter can often make your hair dry and frizzy, so think about that when planning your hairstyle. An updo may expose your neck to the cold but it will keep your hair from getting staticy and annoying. Mix it up be adding braids and curls to your favorite updo look and make sure you add some sparkle for the perfect winter look. Timeless Bridal Accessories offers gorgeously jeweled hair combs that will add a touch of shine to your ‘do. These hair combs could be the finishing touch you need to complete your magical winter bridal style.

Winter weddings are a special type of wedding for a special type of couple. The wedding photos that can be captured during your winter wedding will be more amazing than you could have hoped, and if you plan the perfect look, you will look like an absolute queen. Be sure to get everything you need and shop Timeless Bridal Accessories to complete your look! And start planning your winter wedding style now!