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Be Bold With A Colored Wedding Dress

Weddings generally follow a traditional pattern. The bride wears white, the father or close family member walks her down the aisle, they say vows, kiss to make it official, they cut the cake together, they share a first dance, and so on. But weddings do not always have to be as traditional as you may think and we are starting to see people step away from the norm and go off on their own plans.

While many people still love the traditional weddings, this blog is for those who want to step outside of the box, who want to create their own path, and who dream of a wedding unlike any other. This blog is for those who are willing to wear a colored wedding dress.

Some fear that dresses that are not white may not seem like wedding dresses, but a prom dress or ball gown. But with the right accessories and style, your colored wedding dress can be exactly what you have always wanted it to be. And at Timeless Bridal Accessories we can help you find the accessories you need to make your unique wedding dress stand out and make you look like a colourful and beautiful bride.

Let’s say you have a gorgeous and flowing emerald dress that you have always dreamed of wearing on your big day, but you feel like it does not meet the level elegance and extravagance you were hoping for. With a beautifully jeweled sash from Timeless Bridal Accessories you can add a touch of bling to your dream dress, allowing you to look the part without giving up your look. We also offer charming jeweled hair combs that add some flair to your overall bridal style. With our help, you can wear whatever you want and still look and feel like the beautiful bride you are!


While accessorizing can help your colored wedding dress look more sophisticated and adorned in jewels, you must first select the dress you want! In this blog, we are going to take a look at some popular, and not so popular, wedding dresses to help inspire you to stand out and find the dress that defines you!


While a blush colored wedding dress is not as dramatic as we are about to get, this is a great way to add a splash of color to your look without going crazy. If you are not so sure about the colored wedding dress idea, but know you don’t really want a white one, this is a great way to get the best of both worlds. This light pink color can be subtle or more pronounced creating a unique look.

Another great option that works for just about every color, is an ombré look. This allows you to have white at the top of the dress and fade to a color. So have a white and classic dress on the top that slowly fades to a blush color on the bottom, another subtle way to add color to your wedding day look.


Whether you go for the baby blue, a gray-blue, and a navy blue, you will look like a beautiful and elegant bride. There are many different blues to choose from, so depending on the look you are going for, you can find many different styles and shades.






A baby blue dress is similar to blush. It is not too dramatic and can be light enough so people do not notice right away. This color is charming, elegant, and dreamy. You could look like a real life Cinderella with this dress color dress. Plus, this color looks good in so many different styles!

A gray-blue dress is mysterious, sophisticated, and perfect for a intimate forest wedding. Now, you don’t have to be getting married in a forest to wear this striking dress color, but the setting helps to imagine.

A navy blue dress is bold, fierce, and simply amazing. Think of the sea—strong, powerful, mysterious, and stunningly beautiful. This color of wedding dress may seem like a bit much, but beauty and elegance that come with it are hard to find in any other color.


Seafoam green is a soft, charming, and lovely color that is gentle on the eyes and beautiful on the bride. This color is subtle but also makes a statement. The natural and stunning color could really add to your wedding day look. And just image a long and flowy dress that looks like wisps of sea air floating around around in the wind, like a beautiful mermaid.

Emerald Green

This color is just as bold as the navy blue dress, but can be richer and more statement making due to the fact that we do not see emerald on a daily basis. The emerald stone is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus and is meant to preserve love. So just imagine married to love of your life in a color the preserves love.


Look lovely, vivid, and simply stunning in a burgundy wedding dress. This color is deep, bold, and gorgeous and can make you look like a bride that knows how to strut her stuff! This dress color is unlike any other—a dark red, purple, and pink mix that works so well, we can all admit that we love the color. This is a sophisticated color that will make you look like a queen. Plus, is you spill wine on your dress, no one will know!


Okay, we know black is not a color that you generally would wear on the day you celebrate the love for your other half, but these are some black wedding dresses that are truly stunning and unique. This is an edgy look that not everyone can pull off, but for those who can, you rock that black dress! Black is a elegant color, and while too much black can seem a bit over the top, it is easy to find black wedding dresses that incorporate white, gray, and other colors to soften the darkest of colors. Think of a dress with a white skirt underneath a black tulle. The contrast is gorgeous and it adds a unique touch.

A Touch Of Color

If you are not sure if a colored wedding dress is for you but you also don’t like the idea of a white dress, there are a few options. As mentioned before, the ombré look is perfect for a subtle addition of color to a classic dress.

Another great way to add color is to add a layer of colored tulle, like the black dress we mentioned. This lets some color stand out against a white background, perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. Or you could add splashes of color throughout your wedding dress. Colored lace, embroidered floral, colorful jewels, and so many other things can make the perfect wedding dress, adding a unique touch to your traditional gown.

But no matter what color dress you decide on, make sure you add some additional bling with Timeless Bridal Accessories. We have beautiful jeweled sashes and hair combs to add some sparkle to your wedding day attire. Shop now to complete your dream look and don’t forget to rock your colored wedding dress with elegance and grace! Contact us with any questions you may have.